Jordan Scotney

Jordan Scotney

For me, instrumental music has always been a natural instinct. There are no words, so each listener has a unique experience. The language of music sings purely and connects directly. The most difficult thing about writing music is coming up with a song title. How can I sum up such a wide range of emotions in a few words?

I've played piano since age 6 and drums since age 11. I studied music at the VCA. During my time there, I was exposed to many different musical styles, and through this, I discovered my musical voice. Piano and Strings complement each other perfectly. Once you play a note on the piano - you can either let it ring out, or stop it. Strings can do the opposite - they can start a note whisper-soft, crescendo and tell a story with dynamics alone. These two opposing ideas work in harmony in my music.

You can find Jordan’s music on YouTube and here:

He also teaches Drums and Piano and can be contacted at 0408 881 395.

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