Loz Irwin-Ray

Loz Irwin-Ray

Loz Irwin-Ray is a Melbourne-based musician who specialises in voice, double bass, electric bass and piano.

Loz combines a love for creative expression and connection. She constantly strives to learn, understand and create a wide-variety of music. She finds herself rising to new creative challenges every day. Performing as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in a number of Melbourne bands, she enjoys effortlessly jumping from one style to the next. Be it straight ahead jazz, earthy folk or free electronic improvisation, Loz maintains an honest, considered and heartfelt approach to her music.

Loz covers plenty of ground in the Melbourne music scene, working as a vocalist, double bassist, electric bassist, pianist, choir director, performer, composer/song-writer, educator, arranger, session musician, virtual choir video creator and curator. She typically plays and writes in genres including folk, jazz, improvisation, blues, pop, funk and neo-soul.

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Email: lozirwinraymusic@gmail.com Website: https://lozirwinraymusic.wordpress.com/


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